Freelance JA Goes Live

Press Release:

February 1 saw the live launch of Freelance JA Connection Network website, an online advertising platform for freelancers in Jamaica.

The website is an online advertising board, where a freelancer’s name, services offered, parish located and contact information for a low annual subscription cost. The website is free to use to find freelancers.

The company was created to help propel the local market in the exploding phenomenon of freelancing, a recently booming and flexible alternative form of entrepreneurship. With the harsh economic climate, tertiary graduates are encouraged to pursue opportunities of entrepreneurship. Freelancing offers that option to the individual with a skill the ability to chart a career that is tailor made. There are many platforms geared towards fostering making money online.

Managing Director, Shandean Williams-Reid said that the website was created after noticing that the local market of freelancers was underserved.

“As a freelancer myself, I was looking for freelancing opportunities locally and realized that unless there was a chain of persons who know someone, who knows someone, you really didn’t have a local starting point.” Reid said.

“All the other platforms are for online jobs in the UK, US, Asia etc, with hundreds of thousands competing and charging a 20% markup on every job. It’s not exactly helpful to the local freelancer looking to build a local reputation if they have specialized skills. Entrepreneurship is constantly advertised as the way forward and it is.”

Once an individual possess the skills needed discipline required to work from home, they already have all they need to get started.” The website also invites the posting of freelance jobs, so as to encourage freelancers with the required expertise to apply.

To enlist, freelancers can visit the website, or send an email to


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